Monument Elementary School Pilot Healthy Food Fundraiser

On Friday, June 17, 2011 Food Justice Foundation ran a Healthy-Food Fundraiser pilot project with Monument Elementary School in the North Ward of Trenton.  Parents of the students received order forms for high-quality, wholesale-priced selections of fruits and vegetables, such as pineapples, mangoes, asparagus, and broccoli on Monday, June 13th.  49 orders were placed (500lbs of produce worth $400) and 5% of proceeds ($20) were awarded to the Monument School Playground Fund!  This support of healthy eating and exercise was made in accordance with Monument School’s existing It’s All About Motivation to Exercise (ME) program.


By invitation from Aramark, FJF was able to store and pack the produce in the Trenton Nutrition Services Building.  Once packed, the orders were placed in bins and loaded into an Aramark van which was driven to Monument School for a small fee.  This was a fantastic show of solidarity among Trenton institutions to encourage healthy eating!

Due to the enthusiastic leadership of Monument Principle Bernadette Trapp and popular reception of the event, the Healthy-Food Fundraiser event will run bi-weekly at Monument School beginning in October 2011.  Participation in the program is expected to grow significantly with more advertising and proceeds will continue to support the Monument School Playground fund.

Food Justice Foundation would like to recognize the support and guidance it has received to help make this project a success as a member of the NJ Partnership for Healthy Kids Trenton and the Mayor Mack’s Fight for Fitness Campaign.

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Planning Meeting for Trenton Fresh Farmers Market

Today FJF staff members Taylor Behmke and Kelly Reilly met with Perry Shaw, Executive Director of A Better Way to discuss produce distributors and sources available in the Trenton area.  A Better Way is preparing to run the Trenton Fresh Farmers Market on Clinton & Olden Ave, which they did last summer as well.

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FJF To Host Princeton Reunions Food Access Panel Event

Murray-Dodge Hall

FJF invites you to come to MurrayDodge Hall, East and West Rooms 11:00 AM-Noon May 28th.

Food Access & Health in the Urban Context

A panel of health experts, educators, food access advocates, and non‐profit leaders will discuss the phenomenon of urban food deserts—urban neighborhoods with little or no access to healthy food—and the efforts being made to create alternative food distribution systems (including the Let’s Move initiative developed by First Lady Michelle Obama ’85).

The discussion will be lead by Food Justice Foundation and the event is sponsored by the Pace Center for Civic Engagement. Darrin Anderson, Deputy Director of the NJ Partnership for Healthy Kids will be talking about his work at the YMCA and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Perry Shaw III, Executive Director of A Better Way will be talking about running the new Trenton Fresh Farmers Market.

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Results from the Inter-Club Community Fundraiser

The totals from all the fundraisers came in today, FJF raised over $4,500!  All the clubs participated and Tower club won the award for most money raised ($1750) while Charter won the award for most creative fundraiser (officer pie-a-thon for $804).  Thank you and congratulations to both clubs for organizing such inspired fundraisers!  All the proceeds are going to pay for FJF’s operations in Trenton, bringing access to fresh, affordable produce to residents!

FJF would like to extend a special thanks to the eating club presidents and community service chairs as well as Haley White ‘12, Ashley Eberhart ’13, Erin Kiernan ’12 and Andrew Nurkin from the Pace Center for organizing this event.  Hopefully it will become an annual event and continue to benefit many good causes in the future!

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FJF Completes Healthy Food Fundraiser Proposal for Trenton Schools

FJF has completed its Healthy Food Fundraiser Proposal for Trenton Public Schools and is submitting it for review this month!

It was a well researched effort that garnered FJF support from the NJ Partnership for Healthy Kids Trenton Steering Committee as well as the Mayor’s Fight for Fitness Steerring Committee.

Click here to download the full proposal.


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Meeting with Grant Writer

Janine Corbett, who started penSuccess LLC, came out to Princeton to meet with Executive Director Taylor Behmke, Treasurer Tucker Willsie and Development Director Kelly Reilly on Tuesday, May 3rd.  Mrs. Corbett discussed the process of applying for grants, her background working at the University of Pennsylvania as a career administrator and her recent experience applying for grants for small and large organizations.  FJF was put in touch with Mrs. Corbett through the American Grant Writers’ Association, a national association of certified grant writers.

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Rescue Mission of Trenton Meeting


Rescue Mission Store and Warehouse

Executive Director Taylor Behmke met with Director of Entrepreneurial and Traning Douglas Liebau and Life Skills and Operations Manager Barrett Young from the Rescue Mission of Trenton on April 26th to discuss possible collaborations between our organizations.  FJF needs space, labor and box trucks, all of which the Rescue Mission possesses.

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Mayor Tony Mack Challenges Trenton to ‘Fight for Fitness’

From left to right: Dan Fatton of Trenton Cycling Revolution, Mercer County Freeholder and NJ Partnership for Healthy Kids Trenton Coordinator Sam Frisby, Phys. Ed. Teacher for Monument Elementary Tiffany Messenger, Mayor Tony Mack, Isles Board Member Jacque Howard, Superintendent Raymond Broach and Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Representative from the USDA.

Trenton Mayor Tony Mack challenged Trenton to ‘Fight for Fitness’ and announced that May is Let’s Move! month on April 19th at a press conference in the City Hall Atrium.

FJF Executive Director Taylor Behmke met Superintendent Raymond Broach and exchanged words about FJF’s Healthy Food Fundraiser proposal for Trenton Public Schools.  Superintendent Broach was quite positive about the program and excited that FJF is getting involved!

All the speakers signed a proclamation committing themselves to helping Trenton residents lead healthier and more active lifestyles and announced the following events in May:

May Events:

CitySmiles and the Trenton Cycling Revolution- Annual Car-free Park Family and Community Bicycling Day on Sunday, May 1; 1-4pm in Cadwalader Park.

Trenton Spirit Walk-The Sixth Annual Spirit Walk in Cadwalader Park will be held on Saturday, May 7; 8am to 12pm.

The Greater Mercer TMA and Trenton Cycling Revolution-Breakfast for Bicyclists at the Trenton Transit Center on Monday, May 16; 7-9am, National Bike to Work Day and Week.

Trenton Cycling Revolution-Annual Trenton Bike Tour on Saturday, May 21, in Cadwalader Park. Online registration available at

The Trenton Partnership for Healthy Kids- Healthy Kids Community Summit on Tuesday, May 24; 6-8pm (Location to be determined). Contact Nikema at 609-947-7455.

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Mid-Atlantic Conference for Start-up Food Co-ops

Welcome address for the various food coops and buyers clubs as well as associated non-profit and governmental organizations that were in attendance. The conference was held in Philadelphia on April 16th.

After the welcome address there was a series of workshops throughout the morning and afternoon on different topics.  FJF Executive Director Taylor Behmke attended and went to two sessions having to do with information technology that are described below.  Jake Schlachter from the Food Co-op Initiative is developing a open source software package for food co-ops that should be released sometime this summer.  FJF IT Director Andrew Chong is currently working on putting together an FJF online ordering system that will be able to integrate with this open source software package from the FCI when it comes out.  Taylor Behmke also attended an interesting impromptu session about buyers clubs.

Information Technology

Membership data needs, sales data needs, and how to put together an open source software package. Presenters: David Marangio, (Bay Ridge Food Co-op) and Jake Schlachter (Food Co-op Initiative and Stone’s Throw Food Co-op).

The Miami River Model—a case study of Stone’s Throw Project

Stone’s Throw Market Co-op has organized quickly with two full-time organizers, hired with income from online grocery sales. A new organizing model will be presented for helping teams make it through the most challenging stage of start-up. The Miami River Model is a volunteer-powered system of selling groceries online and generating revenue for hiring professional organizing staff.  The system at its core is a software package combined with a series of step-by-step projects for volunteers to implement. Development of the model is on-going, supported by a grant from the Ohio State University.

Presenters: Jake Schlachter (Food Co-op Initiative and Stone’s Throw Food Co-op) and Laura Hanson (Stone’s Throw Food Co-op).

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How to Save a Trillion Dollars

Mark Bittman wrote a great article today for the New York Times which underlines the huge cost savings that healthy diets and physical activity can have on our economy.  Check out the full article here:

“For the first time in history, lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease, some cancers and others kill more people than communicable ones. Treating these diseases — and futile attempts to “cure” them — costs a fortune, more than one-seventh of our GDP.

But they’re preventable, and you prevent them the same way you cause them: lifestyle. A sane diet, along with exercise, meditation and intangibles like love prevent and even reverse disease. A sane diet alone would save us hundreds of billions of dollars and maybe more.

This isn’t just me talking. In a recent issue of the magazine Circulation, the American Heart Association editorial board stated flatly that costs in the U.S. from cardiovascular disease — the leading cause of death here and in much of the rest of the world — will triple by 2030, to more than $800 billion annually. Throw in about $276 billion of what they call “real indirect costs,” like productivity, and you have over a trillion. Enough over, in fact, to make $38 billion in budget cuts seem like a rounding error.

Similarly, Type 2 diabetes is projected to cost us $500 billion a year come 2020, when half of all Americans will have diabetes or pre-diabetes. Need I remind you that Type 2 diabetes is virtually entirely preventable? Ten billion dollars invested now might save a couple of hundred billion annually 10 years from now. And: hypertension, many cancers, diverticulitis and more are treated by a health care (better termed “disease care”) system that costs us about $2.3 trillion annually now — before costs double and triple.”

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